Where There Is Unity, There is Victory

Rich Steger is always on the front lines to fight for what is fair for all!
When Wisconsin unions were challenged, Rich Steger stood with Wisconsin!

The theme of the OCNY Democratic Committee Annual Dinner will be, “Where there is unity, there is victory,” on Friday, September 13th. It is truly fitting that Democratic Candidate for Newburgh Town Council, Rich Steger is being honored by the committee as the recipient of the Labor Award 2019.

Rich Steger has been an active Labor leader for 24 years and is currently president of the Valley Central Teachers’ Association. Rich understands that the labor movement is much more than negotiation of a contract. He understands that unions are the means for bringing “justice and democracy to the shop floor” (John F. Kennedy, August 1960).

Rich Steger’s service to the labor movement has expanded beyond his local to the region, and state levels as he has become a respected voice in the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, and NYSUT. He is the political action coordinator for Orange County’s Teachers’ unions and has earned the respect of local, county, and state legislators. Rich is not afraid to speak truth to power, and when he does, power listens because Rich Steger knows how to find solutions to problems in ways that brings people together and moves them forward.

It is an honor well deserved. Rich Steger has taken the next logical step in his journey of serving others for the greater good. The people of the Town of Newburgh will be well served by the energy and the commitment he will bring to create change for the betterment of all.

Elect Rich Steger to Newburgh Town Council on November 5th. He is the ONLY choice for Energy and Change for our Future.

Rich joined teachers at his alma mater, Newburgh Free Academy to fight for full funding of NYS Public Schools.
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