An Advocate for You

There is a lot of energy and positive change happening in the surrounding municipalities.

The Town of Newburgh has enormous potential. Rich Steger would like to be a part of bringing energy and excitement to our town.

Rich Steger will work to bring companies here that will become part of our community and that are environmentally friendly. No more clearing acres of land in hopes of attracting buyers.

Companies making the Town of Newburgh home should bring jobs that provide pay and benefits that will allow our young people to raise a family and live where they grew up.

When new developments or projects are proposed Rich Steger would look to have an open town hall meeting so that constituents are informed and have the ability to ask any and all questions.

It is time for the people in the Town of Newburgh to be a part of the conversation.

Rich Steger will bring your voice to the table.

Rich Steger will be an advocate for you.

He wants to create the change you are looking to see in the Town of Newburgh.

Rich Steger for Newburgh Town Council

Parent – Educator – Leader

November 3rd you have a choice!

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